Sunday, April 25, 2010

puppy love

Adam and I were really blessed this weekend.  We have had puppy fever for a LONG time now, okay about 6 months.  We decided on a labradoodle around Christmas time, and I have to admit that I have spent many moments of my life searching for them online.  There happened to be a breeder in Georgetown where my parents live!  For the past couple of weeks, the breeder has had the perfect chocolate boy puppy with adorably curly hair.  This weekend we were able to take him home and we have officially added to our family!!!!!  It was love at first site.  This dog is amazing.  He is super mellow and loves to cuddle.  He is absolutely perfect and for some unknown reason as of now, God wanted us to have this puppy and we are thrilled!  Introducing...


In case you are wondering, we named him Maxwell after the physicist who won the Nobel Prize for Quantum theory.  You can read about it here.  Or maybe we named him that after the coffee company since he is a chocolate color...


  1. I love this dog!!! He needs to come meet my labradoodle, Cece!

  2. I love him, already! Can't wait to love him in person!! Love, Barby