Tuesday, April 27, 2010

puppy love - part 2

I had to post this video we took of little Maxwell today.  I love the way he runs!

Something is wrong with the microphone on my digital camera so just ignore the static noise.  In fact why don't you just mute it.  Also, here is another pic.

I promise I'll try really hard to talk about other things besides our puppy.  But he is all I can think about right now.  :)


  1. He's so cute! Take if from someone who has larger dogs. He'll grow really fast.
    Yall are going to have lots of fun. Be sure to hide all your shoes! ;)
    Ms. Betty

  2. Ok that is just ridiculously adorable. Keep talking about your puppy! Also, he is going to be HUGE!!!!

  3. I've gotta see the little dude!