Monday, May 10, 2010

All about Max

Maxwell has taken over our lives, and for now he will take over this blog.  This is Max in his "bed".  I bought him his own laundry hamper after I caught him curled up in mine when we got home from work one day.  Also we are poor and didn't buy a kennel.

This is Adam and Max with friends Jimmy and Cali.  Even though Max is homeschooled, we are trying to socialize him.

This is how Max eats out of his food bowl.  He lays down and just sticks his face in it.  Who doesn't like to relax while they eat?

The next two pics are when I gave Max a bath.  You can see how skinny he really is.  He was acting pretty pathetic the entire time, but he had no choice.  He was filthy after our YI Leadership Bible Study camping trip.  I think he is still recovering from nonstop play time with the other puppy Rylie.  (more socialization for the homeschooler)

Here is a video of a regular evening at the Johnson's.  Adam is "busy" and Max is trying to destroy the laundry hamper.  It is such a great toy/bed because when he attacks it, it springs back into its original shape.  It's okay if it gets destroyed because it was $10.

I hope you enjoy these pics as much as we enjoy spending time with our puppy (impossible).  Next time I will talk about the YI camping trip...


  1. Loved them all. Laughed and laughed...he's adorable!!!
    Love you all 3- Mom (Barby)