Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clean Hands

We are having fun in the sun... from inside a house and not at the beach. Yay spring break 2010! Today Adam, my Mom, and I went to Church Under the Bridge (CUB) in Austin. Basically, a couple of different churches along with a mission organization host a church service under I35 downtown Austin for homeless people. My parent's home church (Zion Lutheran) participates once every other month by bringing breakfast tacos. Today we went along and it was pretty cool/sad. The people were very grateful for the tacos; we passed out about 350 to maybe 100 homeless and other volunteers. Working in youth impact (our inner city ministry in Bryan/College Station) has made me count my blessings, but these people literally have nothing. Even something as simple as having clean hands can be taken for granted. We met a man named David who is a hurricane Katrina refugee. He said he has been going to CUB for 2 years. We tried to talked to him about our faith, but it was hard for him to pay attention. He said he needed money for a bus pass, but we told him to trust in the Lord for everything and He will provide a bus pass. Please pray for David that the Lord will provide him with a bus pass in a way that will teach David to trust in the Lord for everything. Adam and I have been thinking about what we can do once we move to Dallas and this opened our eyes a little today. If you want more info about CUB, look here.

My mom found one of my old diaries from when I was 8 the other day. I wish I would have been better at documenting my life as a child. This diary only has 3 entries, all of which are gold. At the end of each entry I singed, "That's all for today" so that is my new sign off message.

That's all for today.

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