Wednesday, March 31, 2010

less than a week, less than a week

While we were dating, I had an internship in the Washington D.C. area for 12ish weeks. Every time Adam and I would talk on the phone we would chant, "less than a week, less than a week" even though most of the time it was way more than a week until we were together again. It made us feel better. So now, "less than a week, less than a week" until we can stop this graduate school nonsense. I think if we didn't have each other, this would be impossible for both of us. Thank you Jesus!

This week has been very research heavy for both of us and that is no fun to blog about. I am putting off my extreme budget spreadsheet and house buying calculator for a while because I was slacking in the areas I get paid for [read: not as fun things]. I hope we can both finish in the June time frame so that we can go on a little vacation before Adam has to start a real job in July.

On Friday night, we had a Disciple Now type thing with our Youth Impact junior high and high schoolers. It was fun/crazy! I think the kids loved it.

Last post I was already over the "that's all for today" sign off, but I'll try it again today.

that's all for today

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  1. Hi,

    Beautiful post. There should be more people like you in this world. I wish I had met both of you sooner. Ciao for now. Your dedication to God and helping others remind me a lot of my best friend Steve Karaga. He's in Malawi (poorest country in the world) now for the Peace Corps. Make time if can to read some:

    - Shen